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As you will see, after presenting the grammatical explanation of each topic, your learning is reinforced through exercises, stories and videos. At the end of each lesson, you will complete the related test. To successfully pass the lesson, you need to get at least 80% of the questions right.

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  • Beginner

    By the end of this level, you will have a repertoire of basic language which enables them to deal with predictable situations. You can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at satisfaction of needs of a concrete type. You can introduce yourself and others and ask and answer the questions. You can talk about personal details such as where you live, people you know and things you have. You can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help. You can talk about your health problems and easily communicate with Turkish people in the markets, restaurants, hotels.

  • Intermediate

    By the end of this level, you will have sufficient language to be able to give clear descriptions and make and support claims on factual topics under study, using some complex structures to do so. You can talk about future plans.


    By the end of this level, you will have sufficient language, including a range of complex structures, to be able to give clear detailed descriptions, present claims and develop arguments in most academic situations. You can connect ideas together coherently at a natural speed. You can participate actively in meeting/seminar/classroom discussion. You can agree or disagree with others appropriately and summarise information which you have heard or read by using some idioms or proverbs that you have learned.

Why Learn Turkish?

  • We hope you will enjoy it and wish you success!

    Turkey is a country noted to be an emerging market that has been showing signs of significant development in a variety of areas and is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The growth and development potential and cultural richness of the country has increased the interest of many foreign companies and investors as well as individuals in Turkey. As a result, the number of foreigners living in Turkey as well as those who want to learn to speak Turkish has increased considerably in the last few years and continues to grow at an increasing rate and the interest in learning Turkish has increased in parallel. Our company aims to help those who want to learn or improve their Turkish where a structured, easy to follow and practical approach to learning Turkish is offered.

  • Why Turkish Learning?

    Our experienced instructor, Güniz Evirgen

    Our experienced instructor, Güniz Evirgen started to work with foreigners in 1990 at Michigan State University working as a volunteer and since then she has been teaching Turkish to expatriates, expatriate family members, foreign students or other nonTurkish people in Turkey in several different places and companies. She also offers one-to-one or group private lessons in Istanbul. Currently, she is working at the School of Languages at Sabancı University in Istanbul, Turkey and teaching Turkish to Erasmus exchange program students. Meanwhile, she had her two books published in 2007 where the first one is for beginners and the second one is for intermediate class.

  • Our company Turkish Learning Step by Step

    Our company Turkish Learning Step by Step was founded under her leadership in 2004 and is still serving foreigners who are interested in learning Turkish. As you know, on-line courses always provide people flexible studying hours. That’s why, our company has decided to create this site with the aim of reaching and teaching Turkish to more students in the world. We hope you will enjoy it and wish you success!

    • Flexible studying hours
    • Easy and simple way
    • Lots of examples

  • 66subject
  • 24 videos
  • 50 quizes
  •   lots of exercises
To help you understand the flow of the lessons, the lesson titled "Present Continuous Tense" can be viewed in full for free.



Includes: 1st Meeting, Alphabet, Plural Form, Case Suffixes, Possessive Suffixes, Genitive, New Adjectives, Comparative & Superlative, Turkish Phrases, Personal Suffixes, Imperative, Present Continous Tense, Simple Past Tense, New Verbs, Animals, Body, Clothes, Colours, Days, Family, Forecast, Fruits, Numbers, Professions, Seasons, Vegetables, Vehicles

Includes : Imperative, Present Continuous Tense ve Past Tense


Includes: Nouns, New Adjectives, Ability, Modal Verbs (HAVE TO/ MUST/ SHOULD), New Verbs, Other Subjects With (DIK), Relative Clause(WHICH), Relative Clause (Who), Verbs With Cases, Future Past, Future Tense, Indefinite Tense, Past Continuous Tense, Past Perfect Tense, At The Bank, At The Hospital, At The Hairdresser, At The Hotel, At The Restaurant, Daily Talk, Signs, Useful Charts

Includes : Other tenses such as Future; Indefinite Past, Past Continuous etc...


Includes: New Words, New Words, Causative, If Clauses, New Verbs, Passive, Reciprocal, Reflexive, Reported Speech, Verbs With Cases, During The Discussion, Simple Present Tense, Used To, Proverbs

Includes : Proverbs , Reported Speech etc...

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